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Coquitlam Curling Junior League:

Registrations are still being accepted for youth 11-20 years old as of Dec 31st, 2017. Registration fees for players starting in January have been reduced to $90

League Contact:

Darren Kent, Coordinator & Head Coach           

Phone: 604-552-3364 or cell 604-377-3496

Email: coquitlamjuniorcurling@outlook.com


Season Schedule:

Sept 7th, 2017             7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Open House & Registration – Poirier Rec Centre
Sept 14th, 2017            7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Parent Meeting for Junior Curling

September 19th – December 14th, 2017
January 9th – March 15th, 2018

Tuesday:        4:30pm-6:00pm     Skills / Practice
Thursday:       4:30pm-6:00pm     Games

Optional: Optimist Junior Interclub League – 12 Sundays. Most games will be in Cloverdale with a couple games at other clubs in the lower mainland. Additional fee applies.

Optional: Bonspiels (tournaments) at various clubs in the lower mainland. Additional fees will apply.


Registration Package:

All curlers are required to complete the Curling Association registration form on the home page in addition to the 4 forms specific to the junior league.


Key dates:

  • Sept 7th, 2017        7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Open House & Registration – Poirier Rec Centre
  • Sept 14th, 2017       7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Parent Meeting for Junior Curling
  • Sept 19th, 2017       4:30 PM – 6:30 PM Curling starts.

 Newsletter / Social Media:

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League Information:

We are a mixed gender/age/experience league with kids from 11 to 20 playing and practicing together. Instruction is provided by a combination of certified coaches, parents as well as some of our older players who instruct on skill days and play on game days. The programs aims to ensure that the kids have fun, be active, play at the level they want, and ideally stay in the sport for many years to come. If we force them to play at a level they are not interested in, they will most likely not continue with the sport.  If a player just wants to participate in our league that is great; however, if they have the interest to play at a more competitive level, we have options via the Optimist Junior Interclub League and bonspiels (tournaments) for them to take part in.

On Tuesday’s, we focus on skill development with the players being placed in smaller groups based on skill levels, or what the coaches feel an individual player needs to work on at that time.

On Thursdays, we make up teams based on who is available that week and the players get to play in games putting the skills they are learning into practice as well as learn about the actual game itself. Team make up will vary from week to week. Some weeks we will group players of equal ability together for a game so they get to experience multiple positions. Other weeks we will place the less experienced players with more experienced players so they can learn more about the game from the experienced players.

The league fee covers the cost of the Coquitlam Curling Association Fees, Insurance, Ice rental costs, two parties, league fundraising activity and some equipment. We do ask that each player wear flexible clothing (no shorts) and has a dedicated pair of clean runners as well a pair of grippers to place over the shoes. The grippers are for player safety, are mandatory and cost about $20-$25 each. The club will provide step on sliders and brooms for the players to use. Players also have the option of purchasing their own dedicated curling shoes and brooms. Since shoes start at about $100 and brooms at about $75, most new players just use runners and grippers and borrow equipment until they are sure they want to continue in the sport. The club also has a limited selection of shoes that have been donated by club members which are available for players to borrow for the season; but the selection, size, and condition are not guaranteed.

Beginners Welcome!

  • Traditional Canadian ice sport
  • Community center activity
  • Meet new friends
  • Olympic event
  • In curling, 100% of the time, for every play, each player is involved
  • Everyone plays from start to finish
  • Develop team building skills
  • Develop skills to join family leagues
  • Moderate activity level
  • Strategy skill building –
  • Indoor winter sport
  • Can be recreational or competitive
  • Road trip opportunities – meet kids from other areas




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