Curling to stay in Coquitlam for the 2017 – 2018 Season

April 4, 2017


We received an almost unanimous vote (7 to 1) last night at the Regular Council Meeting with all but Councillor Brent Asmundson voting for us.

Curling will stay in Coquitlam for the 2017 – 2018 Season!!!!!

Council heard my presentation yesterday and actually listened to some of the key points brought forward. I would like to thank Brian Bastien for his presentation, and a special thank you for the support of all the members that came to both the In-Council Committee meeting yesterday afternoon and those that attended the Council Meeting last night.

It has been a hard-fought battle to get to this point and I am so happy that we will now have the time to enjoy a proper celebratory last curling season in our existing facility and possibly a final bonspiel as well!

There will be a lot of work over this next curling season to prepare for our amalgamation with the Port Moody club. I will be continuing the hard work needed to bring a standalone Curling Club to fruition. I will present more information on this topic at the Annual General Meeting.

I would like to see a full house at our meeting tomorrow night. There will be elections of a new executive as well. Please support YOUR club. We will have a lot to do and we will need your help.


Wednesday April 5, 2017


MacDonald Cartier room – Located in the Dogwood Pavilion


Earlene Graham

President, Coquitlam Curling Association