This page is to recognize our Volunteers – without them this just wouldn’t happen!

Thank You – Stacy Holt, Coordinator, 2016 BC Scotties thanks all the volunteers.

Earlene & Stacy   Stacy Holt, Coordinator, Earlene Graham, Co-Coordinator

What an amazing experience to have the opportunity to Chair the Host Committee for the 2016 BCScotties. This couldn’t have been done without all the amazing volunteers and the support from the City of Coquitlam and CurlBC. Most all it could not have been done without this amazing woman who picked up the ball when life outside of curling beckoned. Thanks Earlene, you are amazing! Slainte

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Saturday night Sports Net Setup

BCSWC SN jsc-26

Stacey Holt…. Making it all come together.  Great Job!

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Original Robin Setup                                               New Sports Net Setup

BCSWC SN jscBCSWC24Jan2016jsc-3013

BCSWC jsc-2

Club Liason Barry Ayers with Dale Gregory in charge of Security Volunteers

BCSWC jsc-4 BCSWC jsc-3     50 - 50 sellersIMG_0407

BCSWC21Jan2016jsc--6 BCSWC21Jan2016jsc--5 BCSWC21Jan2016jsc--4 BCSWC21Jan2016jsc--3 BCSWC21Jan2016jsc- BCSWC21Jan2016jsc--2BCSWC20Jan2016jsc--3BCSWC20Jan2016jsc--2

 20160102_130732                     20160102_122254                     20160102_122307

Stacy Holt – Chairperson                      Sandy Fruin – Hospitality                    Barry Ayers – Club Liaison

20160102_122538                      20160102_130216

Earlene Graham – Co-Chair & Media                                  Ray Le-Brun & Byron Budd – Results; Cedric Wing – Officiating


Phyllis Faubert – Treasurer
Beth Budd – Club Coordinator

20160102_121642                             BCSWC20Jan2016jsc--3

Dave Parsons, joining Phyllis & Beth        Shannon & Audrey


Beth, Sandy & Carol

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